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Depression - Grief - Marital Difficulties - Parenting Problems - Trauma and Abuse

When overwhelmed by life's problems, you can turn to Christian Counselors of Houston for counseling and psychotherapy.  Taking the first step is the hardest choice on the road to recovery.  Our goal is to provide counseling that enables children, adolescents and adults to reach their fullest potential by living lives that are relationally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually healthy.  We will customize a treatment plan with client participation based on individual needs and concerns.  We will also implement this treatment plan with the goal being to establish the skills necessary to adapt to the varied pressures and stresses of life.


Types of Services provided by Christian Counselors of Houston


Mental Health Needs

Highly skilled professionals treat a wide variety of mental health needs such as:

BASICBU4.GIF (352 bytes)Dealing with the various challenges that interfere with interpersonal relationships and/or employment.   The effects of these challenges might include depression, anxiety, grief, stress, abuse and phobias.  These effects range from mild to severe.

BASICBU4.GIF (352 bytes)Families experiencing challenges resulting from marital conflicts, divorce, blended families or various life stages and transitions.

BASICBU4.GIF (352 bytes)Special issues for school age children such as Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders, Developmental Delays, Gifted Children and Behavioral Difficulties.

BASICBU4.GIF (352 bytes)Trauma resulting from verbal, physical or sexual abuse is handled in strict confidentiality.

BASICBU4.GIF (352 bytes)Life transition challenges resulting in anger, depression and anxiety.

BASICBU4.GIF (352 bytes)Compulsive disorders which require specialized treatment: ie. eating disorders, sexual issues or dependency needs.